School Uniform

The children wear the standard uniform or school tracksuit.


  • grey pants/skirt

  • royal blue jumper

  • white shirt

  • blue and grey striped tie

  • black footwear


A school tracksuit is available, and only the school tracksuit can be worn.

Glenahulla school track suit available in D.F. Condon’s, Mitchelstown.

  • navy blue bottoms

  • navy blue top with school crest

  • white polo shirt


Please have your child’s uniform labelled. Full school uniform is expected to be worn unless otherwise directed. School tracksuits are to be worn only on PE days and as directed by the class teacher.

Children should wear flat shoes. High heels, flip flops or heelys are 
not allowed.

In the interest of health and safety jewellery is to be
kept to a minimum. (Health and Safety policy)