Reception Policy

Glenahulla National School

Reception Policy


Reception, Assembly and Dismissal of Pupils



The review of this policy was deemed necessary due to a number of factors:

  • to accommodate the growing number of cars dropping off pupils in the morning
  • to allow for the safe drop off and collection of pupils
  • to conform to legislative requirements and the provisions of Circular 11/95.



  • To contribute towards efficient time tabling
  • To ensure structure is added to the school day
  • To facilitate the efficient delivery of whole school instructions/announcements etc
  • To reduce congestion and minimise danger when dropping off / collecting pupils


Relationship to School Ethos

The fostering of a safe, stimulating and structured learning environment is central to the mission statement of the school and this policy contributes significantly towards those ideals.


Roles and Responsibilities

All staff members from the Principal down have an input into the co-ordination and implementation of the policy.  Class teachers oversee the reception of pupils in the mornings and their supervised dismissal in the afternoons.  Special Needs Assistants also participate in school reception and dismissal routines.


Parents assist the policy by:

  • parking responsibly
  • ensuring children are not dropped at the school too early or collected too late
  • collecting their child from the side door / school gate after school

The school policy does not allow infant children to remain on the school premises until 2.40pm to be with older siblings.


Children conform to the policy by:

  • waiting inside the school gate until a parent comes to the wall to collect them
  • displaying appropriate behaviour during morning supervision in the hall and after school supervision


Teachers contribute to the policy through:

  • supervising orderly dismissal and ensuring children left waiting are adequately supervised
  • ensuring safety procedures are implemented
  • informing parents of school opening and closing times and collection times after tours/shows etc.
  • completing morning supervision


SNAs contribute to the policy through:

– assisting with morning and afternoon supervision


The School Day

8.45 a.m. -Reception in the school hall (school hall opens at this time to receive pupils)

9.00 a.m.- Formal Instruction Commences

11.00 a.m. – 11.10 a.m.- Small Break

12.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. -Lunch Break

1.40pm – infant home-time

2.40pm -Dismissal

Roll is called at 10.30am.


Arrival and assembly

  • The school hall opens to receive pupils at 8.45am. 15 minutes supervision is provided before school from 8.45am to 9am.
  • No responsibility is accepted for pupils arriving before 8.45am. Supervision provided before school from 8.45am – 9am is provided without prejudice or acceptance of liability in the event of an accident.

– When the bell rings, each class lines up in a designated area in the hall and waits for their teacher to come and collect them.

  • if your child arrives after 9am they can ring the bell at the front door to gain entry to the school.



  • The school’s Code of Behaviour applies during before school supervision and after school supervision.
  • If a pupil is disruptive during morning supervision, the pupil will be issued with a warning and the parents will be notified.
  • if another misdemeanour occurs following a warning or in the case of a serious misdemeanour, it will be deemed necessary that the pupil be dropped to school at 9am for a period of time at the school’s discretion.



Dismissal commences at 2.40pm except in the case of infant classes for whom the school day finishes at 1.40pm. Infants will be dismissed through the side door for collection. On wet days, infants will be dismissed through the front door.

When the bell rings at dismissal time, each teacher is responsible for ensuring that his/her class leaves the classroom in an orderly fashion.

After school supervision is provided for 15 minutes from 2.40pm to 2.55pm.

Due to the high level of cars, pupils are to remain inside the school gate until parents collect them at the wall.

Parents who wish for their children to walk home from school, should make the school aware of this arrangement at the start of the school year.


Success Criteria

  • Positive feedback from all stakeholders
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation of procedures
  • Regular consultation



Immediate and ongoing



This policy will be reviewed in 2019 or as the need arises.


This policy was reviewed by staff of Glenahulla NS and ratified by the Board of Management in February 2016.



Signed: __________________                                               Signed: ________________


Chairperson, BOM                                                                 Principal


Date: ______________                                                        Date: _______________

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