Active School

Glenahulla N.S. is an Active School

Glenahulla N.S. strives to promote an Active School Ethos & encourages children to be active inside & outside of the school. Throughout the school year the children enjoy & experience many activities such as: Spikeball, Zumba, football, hurling, swimming, dance & athletics

Motto: “Be Active Every Day, That’s the Glenahulla Way.

Initiative: 1 kilometer a day, the Glenahulla way!

This year, Glenahulla have undertaken a new initiative “1 kilometre a day the Glenahulla way.” This initiative will see the pupils of Glenahulla N.S. running each day to reach a combined distance of 1km each day.


Active School Week

In the past, Glenahulla have welcomed many sporting visitors to our school for Active Week. These include:

-Lee from “Skiphop UK”.

-Lucy Renkova from Mitchelstown Tennis Club.

-Park Utd. (Soccer Club)

-Antonio (Spikeball)

-Willie Frawley (GAA)

-Noreen Pigott (Athletics & Games)

This year activities such as athletics, tag rugby, GAA and aerobic stations will all be enjoyed here in Glenahulla.

Active School Week 2018 is from 28th May to the 1st June.


Special Olympics Torch Visit

This year, we are very lucky to have the Special Olympics torch visit our school! A day of great excitement is expected on June 11th!

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